FWARP! - Face Warp
FWARP! - Face Warp


FWARP! - Face Warp free download for Mac

FWARP! - Face Warp1.04

12 July 2010

Stretch and distort faces and photos in your iPhone.


FWARP! is a fun and easy face warping app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Make a wacky image from the photos in your library, just select an area of the image to exagerate that area of the face.

This is a fun and exciting way to spend quality time with kids. Instructions: Select an image from the photo gallery and tap on any area of the image to exaggerate it...Double tap the image to return it to it\'s original state...Tap the back button to load a new image...Tap the info button for help

For Best Results: Faces that are slightly off center or angled tend to make the best face warps but feel free to experiment with faces of different sizes and locations on the screen.

Upcoming Improvements: More FWARP! modes...Animating FWARP! effects...Goo Mode...Future improvements and updates will always be free.

What's new in FWARP! - Face Warp

Version 1.04:
  • Scale the effect by pinching two fingers.
  • Move the effect by moving two fingers.
  • Skew the effect by Rotating two fingers.

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