iOscilloscope free download for Mac


12 November 2008

Virtual oscilloscope that measures sound waves in real time.


iOscilloscope turns your iPhone into a virtual oscilloscope, one that will measure sound waves in real time.

When you open iOscilloscope for the first time, you will be greeted with a nice UI, that allows you do do several different things:

  1. FFT allows you to view the sound waves in Fast Fourier transform mode.
  2. Mute, mutes the sound so that there is no feedback.
  3. Sonogram allows you to view the sound waves in a sonogram form.

All in all, iOscilloscope is a great way to measure sound and view the different ways sound is measured.

Note: you will also notice that when mute is off, iOscilloscope acts almost like a little microphone. Play around with it and you will see.

Also, you iOscilloscope will not function when headphones are plugged into your iPhone.

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