mimoLive Changelog

Version 5.7:
Major new features:
  • Added a Scale & Transform filter to be able to resize, scale, rotate and crop any video source.
  • Made animated GIFs work.
  • Added a Automation layer to automate stuff in mimoLive.
  • Added transitions to the Stop Watch layer.
  • Added an option to the ATEM Controller layer to switch to a certain camera when turned on.
  • Slideshow layer and source are sorting the images by name now. If new images are dropped into the folder they are displayed immediately.
  • Extended the option to align the video sources at the top border in the Presenter 2D-Layer.
  • Added a duplicate option to the context menu of sources (right click on a source).
  • Updated NDI to version 4.5
  • Added a button in the video sources settings of an NDI source to open the remote control panel for this NDI source in a webbrowser.
  • Extended the HTTP API to be able to set a video source of a layer image input remotely.
  • Added a context menu to the layer paramte buttons to be able to copy the API endpoint to the clipboard.
Important bug fixes:
  • Worked on audio timing issues.
  • When doing ISO recording with File Recording Output Destination the audio source was randomly selected.
  • A corrupt FMLE file could crash mimoLive when read in in order to configure a Custom RTMP Live Streaming output destination.
  • When drag&dropping a Media Playlist source with associated media files those media files weren't copied to the new document and lead to a crash of mimoLive when saving the document.
  • Audio gain of sources wasn't restored after document reload.
  • mimoLive did hang in rare cases if the mimoLive document was very complex.
  • Copy/Paste layers caused an inconsistency in the mimoLive document and lead to undefined behaviour when working with HTTP API.
  • Split Screen layer flashed when changed layer variants.
  • Video Sync layer: Name tags of selected sources weren't updated correctly.
  • In the Lower Third layer the Text Alignment option was hiding when changing the background option.
  • The Interview layer unnecessarily consumed lot of CPU performance.
  • Using two different YouTube accounts with identical names didn't work.

mimoLive Older Versions

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21 Apr 2021
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16 Jul 2020
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16 Jul 2019
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02 Nov 2015
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