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10 November 2008

iPhone-native task manager with calendar.


SmartTime... Welcome to the most popular iPhone-native task manager, and the only one that has a calendar.

SmartTime is a completely revolutionary tool for organizing your lifestyle. It helps you to organize your life the way you live and think, without having to conform to lists and categories and rankings.

SmartTime uses advanced logic to organize and prioritize tasks, deadlines and appointments into a simple day view.

You can then choose to view your day in a number of unique ways—SmartView, Calendar, and Focus. Because everyone sees things differently.

SmartTime integrates with the iPhone so you can share your calendars and tasks with friends and family, map where to go, save and backup data, even put on different skins to change how it looks.

SmartTime delivers on the original promise of technology: to make people's lives more fulfilling not just more efficient.

Coming soon: Desktop synchronization, recurring tasks, pop-up alerts. Purchase now at the introductory price and the upgrade will be free.

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