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VoiceBox Dialer1.0

10 November 2008

Free voice dialing app.


VoiceBox Dialer... "Uh, sorry officer, but my iPhone doesn't dial by voice!"

We're all having a blast with our iPhone. But, what gives: Why no voice dialing? Try Voice Box Dialer: It's cool and works better than the rest. And it's BETTER THAN FREE! With simplified voice access to free business directory assistance, we save you $1.25 a pop! Download now during our introductory offer period to get it FREE!

We listened to the problems you've had with other products in the market when designing ours: bad recognition particularly in noisy settings; not being able to handle large contact lists; hard to use when your eyes and hands are busy...

VoiceBox Dialer includes features the other products out there don't—like audio prompts that help when you can't look at the screen, large contact list support, free business directory assistance"¦ And it works great even with background noise! We also added a dial-keypad and provide access to your contact list directly from inside the Dialer app.

Why Voice Dialing?

Well, iPhone doesn't have it and everyone agrees we need itt—especially when we're on the move!


  • Award-winning technology. Best speech recognition accuracy there is!
  • More tolerant of background noise!
  • Voice-out audio makes us more hands-free than the others!
  • Exceptional handling of really big contact lists!
  • BETTER THAN FREE! With simple voice access to free business directory assistance, we actually save you money!
  • Rich and flexible commands
    • "Call Julia"
    • "Dial Julia at home"
    • "Call Laura Murphy"
    • "Dial 999 123 4567"
    • "Call GOOG411"
  • Access to the dial keypad and your contact list keeps you in the app, saving you time and frustration
Everyone's been asking us to help out with their iPhones. So, here you go!

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1 Reviews of VoiceBox Dialer

04 October 2009
Version: 1.0

Most helpful

WoW hahah that's funny app i like it very much , nice job , thank you.
04 October 2009
Version: 1.0
WoW hahah that's funny app i like it very much , nice job , thank you.