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Lotus Symphony3.0.1

02 March 2012

Create, edit, share docs, spreadsheets, presentations.


What's new in Lotus Symphony

Version 3.0.1:


  • Opening Microsoft Office 2007 documents that are protected by a password.
  • More numbering and bullet styles.
  • Performance enhancement for autosave.
  • Homepage enhancement.
  • Editing speaker notes in normal view.
  • Coping data from a spreadsheet as a link.
  • Keeping formatting in DataPilot tables.
  • 1 million rows support in spreadsheets
  • Preserving the cell comments in Microsoft Office 2007 Excel files after save it in Lotus Symphony.
  • New chart types.
  • Inserting new level categories in chart data.
  • Including values from hidden cells.
  • Rotating text in data labels.
Key Bug Fixes:
  • Cannot save files if you keep the files open on Apple Mac OS and do not touch them for several days.
  • Content is lost after saving a .docx file to an .odt file that contains bookmarks across multiple table cells.
  • Open .pptx file in Symphony, create new slide, the default text box goes out of slide page.
  • Create a table in a presentation, input text in the table cells, apply a table design to the table, undo once or twice, Symphony fails.
  • Error message 4000:Unknown Exception shows when running LotusScript® code in Lotus Notes®.
  • Auto save cannot save the password of documents.
  • Copy a table with data from Excel to Symphony presentation, text in the graphic does not display well while opening the file or playing the screenshow in Symphony on Mac.
  • A security vulnerability in OpenOffice.org that is related to .doc file processing might lead to arbitrary code execution.
  • Open a .xls file with formula GETPIVOTDATA in the first sheet and Lotus Symphony fails.
  • Export an .ods file that contains a DataPilot with TopN settings, and Microsoft Excel 2003 reports that the file is corrupted when opening the .xls file.
  • Set preference as Microsoft Office 97-2003 file type for new created files, and the file extensions are not changed.
  • The title is not correctly positioned on slides that contain only titles.
  • Lotus Symphony fails when running the VBA code ThisWorkbook.Worksheets.Add.
  • Spell check marks the Hungarian word as a wrong word after added it in the dictionary.
  • Default Japanese font is not correct when changing locales to ja if the document is created in an English locale.
  • If you open a .xlsx file which contains multiple PivotTables with same name, the PivotTables are lost.
  • Range name is lost when opening the a .xls file that contains the same range names with a different scope.
  • Cannot import Excel template and Word template to the Template Organizer.
  • Lotus Symphony freezes when copying and pasting a bullet with a customized big graphic.
  • On Mac OS, Symphony freezes when using fn+control+F2 to switch to the menu.
  • Templates with a PNG object and an OLE object cannot be saved to .ppt format correctly.
  • Open a .docx file that contains a table and a special field in the table and the table is lost.
  • The page layout turns to Portrait when opening a .docx file that contains a section and table in the page with different page styles.
  • The arrow shapes are lost when opening a .docx file that contains arrows with unsupported line properties.
  • In a spreadsheet, paste a hyperlink into an unprotected cell in a protected sheet, and the cell turns into a protected cell.
  • In a spreadsheet, when Paste Special is selected for a comment only in a cell, the text in the cell is deleted.
  • Open an .xls file in Lotus Symphony, enter a formula that uses commas as the separator, save the file, and reopen it and the formula is lost.
  • The context menu for rows and columns does not display when right-clicking a cell in the table in a presentation.
  • When saving an .odp file as .ppt format, transparency on a shape is lost when opening the .ppt file in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Text fails to import to a spreadsheet when the field begins with an equal sign.
  • The .csv file that contains double quotation marks in a cell is truncated after imported into Lotus Symphony.
  • The top alignment attribute for text in text box is lost when opening a .pptx file in Symphony.
  • Users should be able to navigate only between all unprotected cells in a spreadsheet by pressing the Tab key.
  • When opening a .pptx file in Symphony which contains text with default font style, the font size becomes larger.
  • The chart and graphics display as a line if the grouped rows are expanded when opening a spreadsheet file.
  • The connector line changes its position automatically when changing the color of the connected shape.
  • The attributes of Numbering in presentations cannot be obtained by the accessibility tool UnoInspect32.
  • Petieg
    06 November 2008
    Version: 1.2b

    Most helpful

    If I'm not mistaken this is based on the 2.x codebase and not the newer 3.x ... I'd say hang on and wait... IBM has done a good job in 'cleaning up' the interface, polishing it off a bit when I tried this months ago (on Windows) vs. OpenOffice... so ... keep up the good work!!!
    14 February 2016
    Version: 3.0.1
    This is a comment for the Macupdate admin. This software has a bad link to the IBM site. I was curious if in 2016, given Apples partnership with Big Blue, that any viable Mac software has been updated. I have not been able to find any mention of this on the internet. Symphony, which this page is for, appears to be deceased and not viable on modern Mac OS environment. Can anyone prove me wrong on this?
    03 March 2012
    Version: 3.0.1
    This could be nice app if there were more spell checkers available. It seems that there are many languages supported in Windows version unlike in Mac version.
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    02 March 2012
    Version: 3.0.1
    After several days of test (I received the IBM info letter last week), I find IBM Lotus Symphony a good work, quite fast, very mac-like style. Seems to better preserve original formatting of .doc and .docx files, imported Nisus rtf files very well, including headers and footers. The problem with this build, as well as the already numerous OO, LibreO, NeoO variants is that we already have TOO MANY offices for mac, to add here iWork and, of course, MS Office for mac. This may prove confusing. I understand Lotus symphony will merge with OO 4. This sounds good, if OO 4 takes this interface, and improves it, then make a jump in speed, then this may be indeed a great step forward.
    28 October 2010
    Version: 3.0
    Sad thing is, with every single G5 we purchased, we paid a significant sum to IBM and nobody else. G4 etc. got Motorola involved and you know current status of them so lets not bother with them. IBM Lotus Symphony is Intel only. IBM can't code multiple architecture and yet this is the same company who STILL sells G5 and real POWER machines, some costing millions. Same company also sets up www.power.org . I got great respect for them but every kind of "Intel only" release validates Steve Jobs point even more. In fact, if Console makers go with X86 in next generation, this kind of abandonment will also be part of reason. They just validate non-X86 phobia with such actions. SJobs said really less about their disservice. It wasn't just 3Ghz and performance per watt, it was also lack of support from IBM and their strange developer connections.
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    23 October 2010
    Version: 3.0
    This feels like a direct Windows port i.e. fairly horrid to a long time Mac User. From IBM's web site it is clear that though there are Mac & Linux versions it is primarily meant as an alternative to Office for Windows users. It is based on current OpenOffice.org 3.0. I prefer NeoOffice, which is also based on current OpenOffice.org 3.0, which much more Mac friendly. Why bother with such software, even if it is free? I see them as being primarily document conversion utilities i.e. you can open Windows documents and then save them out as PDFs. Alternatively one can transform Mac documents into a form Windows users can readily handle. And why install it if you have already installed NeoOffice? Well, it might just happen to handle a Windows document better than NeoOffice. That's why I have Adobe Reader---I rarely use it except when Skim or Preview or PDFpen cannot successfully print a particular PDF file. Incidentally, before you can download you will have to give your full contact details but can then opt out of being contacted by them. And when you do download, be sure to select the non-default option of download via http as their applet crashed Safari on my 10.5.8 system.
    09 November 2009
    Version: 1.3
    I downloaded the .dmg file in both ways, through the IBM applet AND by http connection. The dmg file opens up, but when trying to launch the package , the Apple installers opens... and nothing happens. Is there something else to do i missed? When downloading by the IBM applet, the progress bar indicates a 99% completion, whilst the applets say "finished". Mistery. I really would like to try Symphony.
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    09 August 2009
    Version: 1.2b
    I picked up v1.3 back in June and been running it on my Mac as well as my XP machine at work. I really like the interface compared to OO or Neo, just has a refined clean look. I didn't care for IBM's request to register and their download process is anything but easy, but the program itself is great. I've since removed OO and Neo and only use Symphony for my Mac.
    27 July 2009
    Version: 1.2b
    I would really like to try this software but the link MacUpdate supplies doesn't work and when you go to IBM's page to download it, instead of using Safari's built-in downloader it insists on using its own 'Download Director' which cannot connect through my work's proxy server. Ridiculous setup.
    16 June 2009
    Version: 1.2b
    Version 1.3 of Lotus Symphony is here: http://symphony.lotus.com/software/lotus/symphony/help.nsf/ReleaseNotes Hopefully this resolves the issue where it broke after 10.5.6.
    08 February 2009
    Version: 1.2b
    The interface indeed looks much, much better than either Neo or OOo. But, that's about it.
    07 November 2008
    Version: 1.2b
    This is using the current OpenOffice 1.1.4 code. The response I got from the Symphony Forum was that they will be moving to the 3.0 code in 2009. The interface seems superior to other OO derivatives.
    07 November 2008
    Version: 1.2b
    If you guys could remember the era of DOS, during that time IBM did a great job with their Lotus 1-2-3. It was perfect office application and really unbeatable. After Windows start using 3.1 the user of Lotus get decrease day by day even though IBM lower the price either offer for free BUT it wasn't successful. However, I have download this application and it's really nice. IBM done a nice begin, the interface is clear and easy to use. I'm currently using Office For MAC 2008 and I can feel that this app seems to be better. I hope this App might bring IBM back to their position where they were standing with Lotus 1-2-3
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    06 November 2008
    Version: 1.2b
    I am a keen user of OpenOffice (PC/Linux) and NeoOffice (Mac) and I must say that IBM has done a great job here - all existing files load and save perfectly, including those with macros and/or password protection, and the user interface is a significant improvement over that of the other packages, which is frequently muddled or overwhelming. Everything is just easier to get to - grouping of open files in a single tabbed window, the permanently-visible palette with common options on the right hand side (perhaps borrowed from iWork, but never mind), the rearranged and simplified menus and, in particular, the completely reworked Preferences. Finally, jargon has been stripped out, more important and less important options are physically separated, and those for each subprogram (word processor, spreadsheet, presentation) are available at the same time!
    06 November 2008
    Version: 1.2b
    If I'm not mistaken this is based on the 2.x codebase and not the newer 3.x ... I'd say hang on and wait... IBM has done a good job in 'cleaning up' the interface, polishing it off a bit when I tried this months ago (on Windows) vs. OpenOffice... so ... keep up the good work!!!