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05 November 2008

Gin rummy card game with intelligent AI.


SmartRummy... Welcome to SmartRummy - An Intelligent Gin Rummy Player!

Card players will love this fast paced game of Rummy! It is a game of memory, card sense, skill and luck. Action is quick and situations change rapidly. SmartRummy offers you a choice of 6 opponents with two levels of playing expertise and different styles of play to give you a variety of competition. It is for beginners as well as experienced players. It can sharpen your Gin Rummy skills and card memorization techniques with fast action and fun. Uses extensive animations and colorful playing cards for visual appeal.

Ideal for people who enjoy card games and relish competition. You can play a few hands in minutes or spend hours immersed in competition. SmartRummy keeps track of scores and lets you set the game limit. When the hand ends the score is automatically figured and recorded. A Preferences screen gives you many playing options. You can also choose to expose the opponent's hand to observe the playing style.

SmartRummy comes with built in scrollable guide pages for easy reference. cards can be moved using buttons, dragging or tilting to use the accelerometers. Game Screen displays the two hands dealt, opponent’s name and image, knock count and the deck and discard piles.

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