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21 July 2010

Visual speed-dial, SMS and email app.


Favorites... Visual speed-dial, SMS and email that\'s right at home on iPhone!

Add and organize your favorite contacts for quick access, and call, SMS or email with one tap. Featuring a beautiful user interface similar to the iPhone\'s Home screen, you\'ll be right at home with Favorites the first time you use it.

Features a comprehensive built-in tutorial, dynamic help and animation throughout. Choose contacts, names, add badges for Mobile, Home or Work numbers, and more. Favorites can also be customized to behave the way you want it to via the iPhone\'s Settings application.

What's new in Favorites

Version 1.0.10:
  • iOS 4 or later required.
  • Favorites will now \"multitask\" on iOS 4, and will not need to launch itself every time you use it.
  • Retina Display support, with updated high-resolution graphics on iPhone 4.
  • Performance optimizations, particularly when dragging favorites around.
  • Fixed an issue where contacts\' images could be incorrectly rotated.
  • Increased contrast for labels, button-borders, lists of phone-numbers/email-addresses, and more.
  • Favorites without pictures will always show the person\'s name.
  • New style of display for names, including larger, brighter text, and more sensible clipping of long names.
  • During initial launch, all contacts will show their names until their pictures have loaded.
  • Accessibility support via VoiceOver.
  • All of the Favorites settings which were previously in Settings.app are now also in Favorites itself.
  • Wallpaper can now be shown behind the grid of favorites.
  • The label-editing view now opens automatically if a custom label is tapped and still has the default value.
  • The info (\"i\") button on the main screen is now easier to hit.

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