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29 October 2008

Unique approach to telling time and calendaring.


Color Time... Make an art statement with Color Time on your iPhone. Originally created as a wrist watch by Tian Harlan, it gave a new way of thinking about time: Time as color.

Zeitgeist to the very second. What distinguishes our culture today, is the development of an ever more precise sense of time, and a tendency to organize our whole lives on an exact schedule. The clock as a time machine has become a decisive machine in our civilization. The clock dictates the time—and not the reverse. We no longer eat just when we are hungry or when we have the time or inclination. We eat at 8am on the dot, at 12 noon and 7pm.

On a chronometer time is shown by hands and numerals. Differently on the color time clock: Its face is not a dial but a color time circle, over which a black disk revolves with a piece cut out as large as a color segment. The disk revolves with the speed of one color area per hour, creating a smooth transition. The disk cut out indicates the time. If, for example, this stands on yellow, it is 12 noon. The more to be seen of the following color, the nearer to the next hour.

According to this philosophy Color Time on your iPhone implements the following features:

    * Color Time clock that switches to gray mode when it's night (after sunset and before sunrise).
  • Optional bell sound on every hour and 15 minutes. So when the iPhone is in stand-by mode Color Time can still be heard.
  • Calendar mode that shows your location on a world and time zone map.
  • In calendar mode the exact sunrise and sunset times are also displayed by showing the daylight window of the day.
  • Shows the day of life since you were born.
  • The calendar mode can be switched to a world time mode where the time everywhere around the world can be seen at one glance, including how the night time comes closer.

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