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VirtualDeck Lite1.0

27 October 2008

Beatmix and scratch your music.


VirtualDeck Lite... Not interested in the advanced effects or visualisation features of VirtualDeck but still want to practice beatmixing or scratching on top of your iTunes music? Then VirtualDeck Lite is for you! At a lower price, but without the amplitude summary and effects, VirtualDeck Lite has everything to beatmix and scratch. Geared to both the newbie and the no-nonsense purist, VirtualDeck Lite is lite as in light, does exactly what you expect it to do - emulate a turntable - and doesn't compromise in performance compared to VirtualDeck-non-lite.

PLEASE READ THE MANUAL on our website to use VirtualDeck Lite as efficiently as possible! There are also a couple of VIDEO DEMOS showing the way to use the app.

The MANUAL and FAQ also cover how to upload your OWN music!

Please note that there are no facilities available on the iTunes App Store to upgrade from VirtualDeck Lite to VirtualDeck, so review the differences between the two before you buy! AUDIO SUPPORT:

  • Ogg/vorbis
  • most AIFF
  • most WAV
  • MP3

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