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25 October 2008

View National Weather Service weather maps.


WeatherLive Pro is a revolutionary, full featured application which allows the user to easily view National Weather Service Weather Maps; including North American (excluding Mexico) Precipitation, Sky Cover, Satellite, and more. WeatherLive incorpoates iPhone's multi-touch capablilities, letting the user zoom in to their location and view all the data they need, from Weather Alerts to Temperature.

Why Choose WeatherLive? Because we have accurate, fast, up-to-date, US Government data, which is downloaded instantaneously over your 3G network or Wi-Fi. As soon as you download WeatherLive, you get access to these amazing features, and more:

  • General Weather Map, showing High and Low Pressures, Rain, Thundersorms, Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, Warm Fronts, and much more.
  • Satellite Map, giving instant access to clouds, hurricanes, storms, and more.
  • Temperature Diagram, illustrating visually temperatures all across the United States. From the Tip of Florida to the Bays of Washington, you'll always know where to be.
  • "Warnings" helps you plan your trip accordingly. If there's flash flooding along the southern Missisipi, you'll be the first to know it. Or if There's an earthquake south of Cupertino, press refresh and you can see it instantly.
  • The Flooding tab gives you access to literally hundreds of stations across the nation, telling you specifically which areas are flooded, and which aren't
  • Air Quality Index provides the users an in-depth look at what the air is like around you; Whether it's the smog of New York, or the crystal-clear horizon of the Grand Canyon, you'll know what you're seeing.

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