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26 November 2010

Estimate your power output while pedaling.


BikePower Have you ever wondered as you are struggling up a steep hill on your bike or battling a strong headwind just how much power you are generating? BikePower is a simple way to estimate your power output under just such conditions. It is inexpensive, yet it provides valuable insight into your ability to produce power.


  • Results are computed for your specific parameters.
  • US or metric units
  • Provides two ways to estimate your power output: 1) Ride up a known grade and note your speed. 2) Ride on flat terrain and note your speed. BikePower will tell you how much power was required to achieve your speed.
  • Power calculation includes: Uphill / Downhill grade based on weight of bike + rider Headwind / Tailwind based on altitude and rider\'s aerodynamic drag area Rolling Resistance of your tires Transmission Efficiency
  • Reasonable default values are provided for all parameters
  • Complete instructions are provided on the website

Use BikePower to evaluate \"what-if\" scenarios: What if I lost 5 lb. How much faster could I go? What if I bought a lighter bike. How much faster could I go? What if I put fat tires on my bike. How much slower would I go? If I lived at 5000 feet altitude, how much faster could I go?

What's new in BikePower

Version 1.0.1:
  • Modified the Main Screen to make the "i" Button and the Sliders easier to operate.
  • Changed the limits on the Wind and Grade Sliders to give finer control.
  • Increased the Max allowed value for Rolling Resistance to 0.1 to accommodate MTB tires

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