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Motion Pool2.0

24 October 2008

Pool game with touch, motion, or tilt controls.


Motion Pool...icon combines stunning graphics and real sound with awesome gameplay. This isn't you normal pool game... this one is fun! There are three control types:

  • TOUCH CONTROL: Use the touch screen to shoot! The faster you swipe your finger, the faster you shoot!
  • MOTION CONTROL : Use the iPhone/iPod as the cue itself. Hold the device level (or lay it on a table) and move it like a pool cue. The graphical pointing display shows where you are shooting. When you are warmed up, release your finger to take your final shot! This is a CHALLENGING way to play, and takes some practice! (It is just like that console game system with motion controllers that we can't name!)
  • TILT CONTROL: is another way of playing the Motion Control mode. You can aim simply by tilting the device, fine tuning a perfect shot with the graphical pointing display.

Choose 8-ball or 9-ball; 1 or 2 players, or play against the computer; three difficulty levels.

The Real Physics Game Engine ensures that your experience is as real as the pool hall down the street, minus the smoke and cougars! Buy now at the introductory price of $0.99—Updates are free!

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