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Space Monkey1.4

31 July 2009

Casual arcade game with fun graphics.


Space Monkey...icon Take this award-winning action-puzzle game for a spin on your iPhone and iPod Touch! Control the Space Monkey as he carries out the wishes of Earth's Space Agency to clean up the cosmos. With a simple flick of your finger, spin the Space Monkey as he floats through space and help him grab, dodge and deflect a nearly endless barrage of all sorts of space junk: batteries, coffee cups, yo-yos, toilet paper rolls and much, much more!

Like any good monkey, Space Monkey can use both his hands and his feet to snatch the rubbish, and some items require that you only catch with one or the other: do it right, and you'll score huge points! You can even multiply your scores by juggling balls or slingin' yo-yos while Space Monkey spins! Plus, ever now and then, Space Monkey faces off against a big, bad space enemies who just want to keep the cosmos cluttered. Do your part and help Space Monkey keep our cosmos clean!


  • Fantastically simple controls—all using the touchscreen!
  • Score big points by spinning, catching, and juggling space junk
  • Explore multiple galaxies—encounter new life in over 50 levels
  • Endless Replay Value—no level ever plays the same way twice

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