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02 February 2009

Tool for helping musicians warm up; free version available.


Practice... FOR MUSICIANS ONLY!! This application is a tool musicians can use to warm-up effectively. Most musicians practice scales, arpeggios and long tones by eliminating all variables except one (i.e. same tempo, same scale, and same exercise, but changing the key). Although being pedagogically sound, this method of practicing can become boring and predictable. With this application, predictability becomes a thing of the past. At the push of a button, Practice will randomize a warm-up exercise for you. It will give you a key, a scale, a tempo and an exercise to work with. Once you've mastered that combination, push the 'Mastered' button and the app will give you another combination. It's extremely simple, yet AMAZINGLY effective. Just practice 15-25 combinations a day and after a month, you will notice marked improvements in your playing, sightreading and your improvisation (for you jazz musicians out there).

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  • This app is only available for iOS devices
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