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21 October 2008

Track the amount of sleep you get.


SleepLOG... Having trouble sleeping? Can't remember how many times you woke up in the night and for how long? SleepLOG can help.

If you have chronic problems with sleep, sooner or later you'll probably need to visit a sleep clinic.

Before you go in, use the SleepLOG for a week or more to give the physician an accurate picture of how you're sleeping. Chances are, the physician will ask you for this information before they'll see you in the clinic anyway. Instead of trying to write a week's worth of sleep history with paper and pen, use SleepLOG to record this information and then use the email feature to send it to the physician.

After treatment, use SleepLOG to track the improvement in your sleep. Or are you a serious athlete trying to get ready for a major competition?

Professional athletes know that good sleep hygiene is an important part of training. Use sleep log to record your sleep habits to identify what sleep schedules lead to improved performance in the gym or in competition. When emailed, all SleepLOG data is exported in CSV (comma separated values) for easy import into most spreadsheet programs for subsequent analysis.

SleepLOG features:

  • Log sleep/awake/event times
  • Use the note field to add comments
  • Use the email feature to send your log
  • CSV formatting for easy analysis
  • Delete an entry or clear the whole log

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