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20 October 2008

Visually stunning puzzle game with tilt controls.


Plank... From the Apple Design Award winning minds of Strange Flavour and Freeverse comes The Plank. A visually stunning game of marble balancing an d color matching that starts with a relaxing tempo but ends with you maniacally waggling your iPhone / iPod Touch to stay in the game for just one more level!

Balance the marbles on the plank by tilting left and right and roll them to match falling marbles of the same color. Make lines of 3 or more to score points and remove the marbles. Clear the marbles quickly or the weight will be too much for the plank and it will explode.

Simple to learn yet totally different, accelerometer using gameplay.

Watch out for all the amazing power-ups and specials, including the "Shake" smart bomb! Just as you're starting to panic, shake the device and one of your limited number of Shakes will destroy a whole line of marbles.

Plank has three difficulty levels, from Normal to Nnnnaaaarghh! Gorgeous steam punk style and action that'll make your friends lean in close.

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