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GRE Vocabulary Scramble2.0

30 June 2010

Improve your vocabulary.


GRE Word Scramble... This nifty game will both help improve your vocabulary and prepare you for the dreaded GRE.

The 5012 words used in the game were picked on the basis that most of them have been found to appear frequently in the verbal section of the GRE (Graduate Records Exam).

Some additional words have been added to keep you a well-rounded student. Even if you aren\'t prepping for the GRE you will find the word list contains a vast array of word puzzles ranging from simple high-school level words to those found in doctoral thesis.

What's new in GRE Vocabulary Scramble

Version 2.0:
  • Added ability to hide specific words so they will no longer display on scramble or definitions screen
  • Added buttons to definitions screen so that it will have flash-card like functionality
  • Modified timer to count down from 59
  • 3 seconds after solving the puzzle it will go to the next scramble.

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