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20 October 2008

Track dates, warranty lengths, and more for your purchases.


Warranty... This is the kind of thing you wish to have around you just when you need it most. When something breaks down, you immediately want to know if it is still covered by warranty. When you cannot be sure, you do the next best thing, which is to search through your stack of hardcopy warranty cards or purchase receipts. Unless these cards or receipts are filed properly, it will be a sequential search; not an easy task. Furthermore, it will be very frustrating to find an expired warranty after all the panic and effort spent to locate it. If you experienced this situation before, you will appreciate this Warranty application. Keep the important warranty data in an easily accessible device that can be powered up quickly. Waiting for the desktop computer to boot up is not ideal either. You can check instantly if any devices are still under warranty.

We all own typical items with warranty, for example, watch, personal computer, TV, household and kitchen appliances, Xbox 360. Different devices have different coverage periods, namely days, months or years, and even lifetime. Devices are grouped into categories which can be maintained by you. If you like, you may enter service centre details for easy reference when needed.


  • user-created categories
  • moving of devices between categories
  • one touch database reset
  • listing of all devices or by category
  • searching of devices, with partial keyword
  • devices with expired warranty will be highlighted in red
  • data can be exported as Comma Separated Values (.csv) - This allows other applications, such as MS Excel, to impo rt the values, as another form of data backup.

    Remember, when things break down, you will appreciate this application. At other times, this application contains relevant expense information to help you make informed decisions for future purchases. For example, price comparisons, product depreciation assessment.

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