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24 December 2010

Brainstorming and mindmapping tool.


iBlueSky is a brainstorming and mindmapping tool, optimized for capturing, summarizing and developing ideas and information on the go:
  • Capture, cut, copy and paste ideas and topics
  • Drag, arrange and edit items on the page
  • Scroll, zoom and rotate the page
  • Email the finished project in PDF and PNG formats (additional BETA support for OPML and Freemind).

Potential benefits of using iBlueSky include:

  • Improved flow in creative thought
  • Ability to memorize and recall information in a structured way
  • Make sound decisions by seeing the complete picture
  • Improved time management; stay focused on the most important task or issue
  • Make more detailed project plans
  • Simply have more ideas; recording one idea can spark others

Typical uses could include:

  • Capture all your ideas; never loose another one
  • Organize random thoughts into a logical structure
  • Identify all tasks and risks associated with a project
  • Condense and memorize study material
  • Outline an engaging presentation
  • Define structured personal or business goals
  • Structure essays, plots and story-lines
  • Plan or record a trip

Mindmap, brainstorm, capture ideas and review information, any time, any place. The applications really are endless.

Who has their best ideas sitting at a desk? Capture your next inspired moment, however inconvenient the time or place, with the aid of your iPhone or iPod Touch and iBlueSky. Foster the habit of having great ideas in spare moments, whenever and wherever they occur.

Get inspired. Get ahead. Crystallize your best ideas with iBlueSky.

What's new in iBlueSky

Version 2.11:
  • Compatibility with iOS 4, including multi-tasking, preference changes and support for hardware keyboards
  • Save project data more often (reduces chance of loosing data due to exhausted battery)
  • Mindmap is now visible through transparent status bar on all supported OS versions
  • It's now easier to drag branches containing lots of text
  • Include more information when emailing support (device type, OS version)
  • Provide more useful error messages when importing or exporting projects and connectivity is not available
  • Improved compatibility with Box.net
  • Include device name in folders created in Box.net to make it easier to identify backups
  • About screen updates and improvements
  • Numerous small fixes and improvements

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