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Calculator AXL - Graphing Calculator free download for Mac

Calculator AXL - Graphing Calculator1.0

15 October 2008

Affordable graphing calculator.


Calculator AXL

  • Graphing Calculator... Investing so little to download Calculator AXL can save you upwards of $100 off of the retail price of some of other graphing calculators out there. And, best of all, you can finally look cool using it.

    Calculator AXL is not just a powerful graphing calculator, but it also has a robust calculator full of additional functions. Let's face it: carrying a bulky calculator is now a thing of the past. The only problem you'll have left to solve is how to tell your co-workers and friends "get your own!" when they want to borrow it from you. Powergraph with customizable background like colors, adding grid lines, etc.

    Features include:

    • Allows for parametric and other polar equations
    • Quickly add functions to a graph
    • Tap twice on any intersect to find where functions intersect the axis and each other
    • Full complex number support
    • More than 25 built in functions
    • Implicit multiplication
    • Store results into custom variables for complicated equations

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