Pacific Timesheet

8.00 08 Jul 2012

Web-based timesheet and time tracking software.


Developer website: Pacific Timesheet

Pacific Timesheet is web-based timesheet and time tracking software that provides project timesheet, project time tracking, project management, project portfolio management, job costing, product life cycle management, payroll timesheet, and time and attendance features in one system. Modules include automated approvals, billing and pay rates, time-off scheduling, resource scheduling, custom reporting, project management dashboard, time clock integration and payroll integration. Each module can be licensed separately. Pacific Timesheet supports all major operating systems and browsers, and is available in licensed or ASP/online versions.

Pacific Timesheet is built on an open, scalable and J2EE compliant services oriented architecture. Pacific Timesheet's extensive customization support can meet virtually every end user requirement, and makes it the best platform to consolidate and standardize your time tracking systems. This platform provides maximum control, flexibility and visibility allowing managers and administrators to deploy and standardize their time and work tracking implementations quickly with little or no training required. Pacific Timesheet Enterprise integrates seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure and other software assets so you can easily merge and compare data across key systems. Custom configurations are available for specialized requirements. Extensive training services, including End User training, Project management admin training, Supervisor training, and Application Admin training, and consulting services ensure that rollout is on-time and user acceptance is high.

What's New

Version 8.00:
  • Asset Tracking Support
  • We are excited to announce that Pacific Timesheet now has an Asset Tracking module. This new module is extremely flexible and allows you to track the usage of everything from materials and equipment to even expenses. You can enable this from the System > General > Asset Tracking Options page, and the online help topic will provide you with detailed information. (Build 502)
  • New Absence Points Policy Rules
  • There is a new set of policy rules to handle assigning absence points or demerits for coming in late, leaving early, etc. From the System > Policies page click the Help link for more information. (Build 517)
  • 9/80 Overtime Policy Rules Now Supports Leave
  • You can now include leave such as Holiday as part of regular work in the 9/80 overtime calculation. From the System > Policies page click the Help link for more information. (Build 517)
  • Better Session Expiration Handling
  • When the browser is idle and approaching the time when the login session will expire, a message will be shown allowing you to continue working. If not responded to (for instance you are away from your desk) the application will redirect to the login page. This is more secure, as well as preventing entry of data into pages after the session is expired. (Build 517)
  • HTML Editor Now Works With Google Chrome Browser
  • The HTML editor used for editing for announcements (on the Home tab), custom timesheet submit messages, etc. now works with the Google Chrome Web browser. (Build 502)


  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • Java 1.5


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08 Jul 2012
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