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SuperBall 2 Lite Edition free download for Mac

SuperBall 2 Lite Edition2.02

10 October 2008

15 level version of breakout game.


SuperBall 2 Lite is a free edition that includes 6 Classic levels, 6 Puzzle levels and 3 Two Player levels, for a total of 15 fully playable levels. The lite version also has all three difficulties, "Normal" (a slower ball for new players), "Test of Skill" (Default), and "Madness" for an extreme challenge.

SuperBall 2 is the ultimate block blasting game, and includes:

  • A whopping 300+ levels
  • A dozen 2-player levels
  • 7 uniquely themed levels packs, allowing you to start playing from any level set.
  • 3 Games Modes including Classic, Puzzle and Versus (a single device two player mode), each with 3 difficulties.
  • Over 20 unique bonus blocks, like SuperNova, DestructoBall, and of course, SuperBall.
  • Touch based or accelerometer based " tilt mode " control.
  • State saving, allowing you quit at any time and pick up right where you left off.
  • A beautiful user interface that allows you to easily select levels you ' ve beat, keep track of medals earned, and submit your top score online.

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