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Side addition to the Dock to launch apps quickly.   Free
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Orbiter allows you to launch applications quickly. Orbiter is meant as a side addition to the Dock.
What's New
Version 1.3.3:
  • Fixes failed opening of folder items through menu.
  • Cancel updates by pressing 'Esc' or command+W.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later

*Previously available here

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Orbiter User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Psychosynthesis commented on 18 Aug 2011
Its a pity and it makes you wonder why someone would write such a harsh review. Then to come upon this app and find that development has stopped and the site is no longer in existence shows that expectations by users on developers is not a one way thing. As users surely we have some duty to help people develop their software.

bye bye orbiter, I hope you develop a killer app someday
[Version 1.3.3]

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Jack75 replied on 29 Aug 2011
You can try it there http://orbiter.fr.uptodown.com/mac

Psychosynthesis replied on 29 Aug 2011
Thanks for that, any knowledge of where the developer went?

PorkPieHat reviewed on 21 Jul 2010
It's nice that this app is free, but I guess it would have to be, because who would pay for it? The developer's description says almost NOTHING about what it is, just that it "allows you to launch applications quickly," and that it's "meant as a side addition to the Dock." It gives no indication about how [NOTHING] works, what [NOTHING]'s strengths are, how to invoke [NOTHING], why I might like [NOTHING], why I should try [NOTHING], or anything else that might be useful to someone looking for a launcher on MacUpdate.com.

And the dead zone doesn't stop there. If, like me, you're hyper-curious about useless things laying around, and despite its MacUpdate.com post's nearly complete lack of a description, you downloaded Orbiter to figure it out, you might as well tell your secretary to hold all your calls and cancel your afternoon appointments because the app itself is just as unhelpful as the description. It has NO help files and NO in-app links to the developer's website. Even the disk image you downloaded from MacUpdate has NO README file that describes [NOTHING] or instructs you how to install [NOTHING]! But it does contain a list of changes to [NOTHING] in case you're curious about how [NOTHING] has developed since [NOTHING] was first released on October 19, 2008!

So, you spend 20 minutes trying to figure out what [NOTHING] is, how [NOTHING] works, and whether [NOTHING] can improve your workflow in any meaningful way. What did you discover?

[Version 1.3.3]

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Orbiterapps (developer) replied on 22 Jul 2010
Or, you could've just clicked on the link provided with the download and read the documentation provided online:

Folks like you scare me.

Tim27 replied on 25 Aug 2011
It sounds to me like you get a lot of [NOTHING] in the bedroom. If you can't figure out a simple and free app, then don't use it.

Mac Os X 4ever replied on 23 Oct 2011
This is why they shouldn't have let you out of the asylum.


Dr.-Girlfriend reviewed on 22 Sep 2009
This application launcher requires you to double or single click on the icon of the app you wish to open. Also, you must manually add each application to the list before using this program.

If you prefer to use quick keyboard shortcuts (as with QuicksSilver or Launchbar), you might not like this mouse-dependent app.

The GUI is clean, but a bit limited and on the bland side. Suggestion for the dev: add the option for user configurable colors and text. The available choices are too few.

Things you might like:

Orbiter allows item tagging which can really come in handy if you want to organize a group of disparate items and open them simultaneously. Ex: You're building a webpage about bikes. You can tag your source material including pics, docs, sketches, icons, and other media along with the client's invoice and ichat transcripts in Orbiter and open it all at once. In this situation, Orbiter is much quicker than using other apps like QS or Launchbar because these items must be opened individually there.

The simple interface might be preferable to users who find Quicksilver and Launchbar too overwhelming.

Since you manually add only the items you want, the list will stay as small or as large as you like. In other words, you will only be shown choices that you've put there, so you won't have to scroll past "BootCamp Assistant" when you're looking for "Calculator".

All in all, a nice effort. Very nice that it's free ... and Snow Leopard compatible. Cheers!
[Version 1.2.5]



Pat320 reviewed on 27 Jul 2009
Orbiter is great! I like it because there is not so much free launcher around that use the mouse pointer instead of keystrokes (Filegazer, Sapiens … are shareware).

thx to the developper for this freeware!
[Version 1.2.4]


Legal Eagle commented on 16 Mar 2009
I wish I could work out (a) what this application is actually supposed to do and (b) how to get it to do it !! Others may be able to fathom it out but, in the total absence of ANY documentation or "Help" I simply cannot. Is it intended as some sort of poor relation to "aLunch" ? I have aLunch, and love it. Any explanation of Orbiter would be appreciated
[Version 1.2.2]

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Anonymous commented on 16 Mar 2009

Thank you for leaving a comment! Have you checked out our website?

Here's a direct link to the page where you can see Orbiter's manual and other docs:

We tried to make it easy for everyone to learn about Orbiter, as mostly our whole website is dedicated to the program, but I guess we'll have to do a better job.

Thank you!

OrbiterApps (developer) replied on 17 Mar 2009
Hi again,

I will strongly consider your suggestion. As of now, we've decided not to include any help documents since the app appears to be pretty self explanatory and we did not want to increase the download file size. As I explained earlier, full help and support are available at our website through which over 20,000 of our current users have had no problem locating our documentation files. If you decide to contribute by providing additional help docs we would be very happy to link to those and add them to our support page. With Orbiter being free of charge, we would like for our users to every now and then take time to leave positive feedback as it is the only form of thanks we get for our hard work (currently over 80 hours of development invested). Please take the time after you try orbiter, if you like, to come back and leave a comment just like you did today to complain about the supposed lack of documentation.

We would appreciate it.


Mitch Bicquet commented on 03 Nov 2008
This application has seen 5 updates since it's release 2 weeks ago - all listed on macupdate front page. I'm all for frequent updat, but when the changes are so minor, can't the developpers group them and make a release every couple of weeks?
it's also a hassle for users to download a new version every couple of days.
[Version 1.1.7]

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OrbiterApps (developer) replied on 03 Nov 2008
Hi Mitch,

I appreciate your concern and thank you for leaving a comment. We value our users and want them to have the very best possible version of Orbiter if they so choose. That's why, you can opt to only download major updates (which there has not been any yet: 1.2 will be the first)

You can also choose NOT to be notified of ANY updates.

So, it really is your choice, if you want to run the latest version or not. We think, frequent updates are good and our users like it. If we were to hold off on our updates then we would not be addressing crucial stability and performance issues as they are reported.

I hope you like Orbiter, and please remember to change your update notification settings to "Major Updates Only" that way you won't be bothered.

- Developer


OldMacUser reviewed on 09 Oct 2008
Although I still like the dock better since it is a little more integrated with the system, Orbiter works really well and resembles the old System 9 Launcher, so for those old users like me, you might enjoy the app. I would like to have a little more control on the background color and also I would love to have the ability to create categories. but overall excellent work!
[Version 1.0]

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easer replied on 21 Oct 2008
Try this:


I mean no offense to Orbiter. I'm just offering this for what you describe in terms of categories.

gcoghill replied on 21 Oct 2008
The "Tags" feature seems to be the way to categorize instead of actual categories.
There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.

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Date:13 Jul 2010
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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Orbiter allows you to launch applications quickly. Orbiter is meant as a side addition to the Dock.

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