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09 October 2008

Affordable .csv spreadsheet app.


iSpreadsheet is an affordable, fully featured .CSV (RFC 4180 compliant) Spreadsheet program for the iPhone. iSpreadsheet allows files to be used natively in Excel without the hassle of file conversion.

Taking many of the features of Excel Mobile, iSpreadsheet provides full arithmetic support and a subset of Excel's most frequently used formulas in addition to standard text editing functions. iSpreadsheet is designed for ease of use on the iPhone. Scroll the spreadsheet by flicking and dragging. Make changes directly to any cell by tapping. iSpreadsheet is the single most important multi purpose application on the iPhone for tracking budgets, keeping reminder lists, and executing complex calculations. It's like having Excel with you where ever you go.


  • Save & Load in .CSV format (RFC 4180 compliant)
  • Manage multiple Spreadsheets
  • Execute complex arithmetic formulas
  • Access a useful subset of Excel formulas
  • Unlimited file Size, unlimited Rows, up to 26 Columns
  • Progressive Loading
  • Fluid Graphi cs
  • Familiar Interface
  • Free Lifetime Upgrades
  • Many More
Suggested Uses:
  • Budgeting
  • Shoppings Lists
  • Inventory
  • Mathematical Models
  • Storing Password Hints & Reminders
  • Many More

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