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Visual Metronome2.2

28 July 2009

Accurate metronome.


Visual Metronomeicon is a metronome for the iPod and iPod Touch that provides both audio and visual beat indication. How is Visual Metronome different from other iPhone / iPod Touch metronomes?

  1. Visual Metronome keeps accurate time. The audio engine in Visual Metronome has been engineered to provide the most accurate timing possible, and we believe that Visual Metronome is the most accurate metronome available. See the Visual Metronome website for detailed timing comparisons between Visual Metronome and other iPhone metronome applications.
  2. Clear, minimal interface - Visual Metronome prominently displays the current beat instead of showing gratuitous animations.
  3. Adjustable accents - place accents where you want them, not just on the downbeat. Both visual and audio accents are available.
  4. Easy to hit tap tempo - tap anywhere in the large beat display to set the tempo while the metronome is playing or paused.
  5. Easily adjustable manual tempo - press your finger on the BPM indicator and then drag up and down for large tempo changes; press the + and - buttons for finer control.
  6. Did I mention the better timing? Many of the metronomes available in the App Store are off by almost 1/5 a beat after playing for just 3 seconds.

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