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06 October 2008

Peg solitaire variation.


Hiqup... If you know peg solitaire, then the basic premise of Hiqup will be familiar. Use the pieces on the board to jump over other pieces, removing them from the board. But Hiqup takes this further by introducing three piece types that can move in different ways and plenty of additional special features such as teleports, bombs, jumpers and blackholes. In addition there are three different types of board - on some boards you have to remove as many pieces as possible, on others you have to land your pieces in special spaces and in time levels you have to complete the board in a given time limit.

The game features 5 different levels, with 47 unique boards (including 7 tutorial boards to get you started.) Each board has a gold, silver and bronze achievement level and in order to unlock later levels you'll need to get a medal on all the boards in the current level. On all boards, your best time is stored.

There is also a "Classic" mode which includes 10 classic peg solitaire boards (this is in addition to the 47 levels mentioned above.) Hiqup also includes plenty of sound effects and you can listen to your iPod music whilst playing the game. Finally there is in-built help and an options screen for changing the sound effect settings. Hiqup is a fresh, logic puzzler to keep you entertained.

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