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23 September 2008

Full featured document archival system.


SimpleDoc allows you to easily and quickly archive, browse, catalog and search an unlimited number of images and documents. Never misplace or lose another document again! Simply scan or import the document, add it to SimpleDoc, and find it, print it, or export it at any time.

SimpleDoc features include:

  • Database driven information back-end provides flexibility and high performance.

  • Open-ended client-server architecture allows image and data servers to be in different locations, providing high degree of scalability.

  • Supports most widely used image formats, including: TIFF, JPG, PNG, BMP and GIF.
- Supports Microsoft Office document formats (doc, xls, ppt) 

  • Supports Adobe PDF documents, both as a document format, and also as an encapsulation format for multiple images.
  • Supports industry-standard TWAIN image acquisition devices.

  • Powerful security infrastructure allows total administrator control over actions by user and fine grain access on multiple layers of document levels, up to and including individual folders.

  • Built-in image editing functions, including: Flip, Mirror, Rotate, De-Skew, Crop, Contrast and Brightness.

  • Universal Binary.

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