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Base Converter

02 July 2009

Convert between several types of numbering systems.


Base Converter is an iPhone Application which converts between several types of numbering systems: Decimal, Hex, Octal, Binary, BCD, ASCII, Unicode, and UTF-8. Base Converter also converts to/from ASCII, Unicode, and UTF-8 Characters. Base ConverterDisplays an ASCII table, or Unicode table at the touch of a button.

What's new in Base Converter

Version 1.6:
  • Improved Startup Time
  • Corrected ui/si selector state
  • Improved ASCII to Unicode conversion
Version 1.3:
  • Added Unicode Table
  • Updated German Localization
Version 1.2:
  • Added German Localization
  • ASCII table available, just click on the ASCII output for the table to appear.
  • Click send button to email conversion results
  • Modified "About" screen
  • Corrected email feedback link
  • Shortened display name so it doesn't have the ... in the middle of the name below the icon

Requirements for Base Converter

  • PPC 32
  • or later

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