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06 April 2009

Clone of the classic Sokoban game.


Nabokoicon is a full featured clone of the classic Sokoban game. The goal is to push the boxes onto the designated squares without getting stuck.

The boxes can be only pushed, never pulled, and only one can be pushed at a time. It sounds easy, but the levels range from very easy to extremely difficult, some takes hours and even days to figure out. The simplicity and elegance of the rules have made Sokoban one of the most popular logic games.

Naboko came with a complete pack of more than 2500 levels written by different authors, for hundreds of hours of gameplay.


  • Tap based control.
  • Zoom manual (Two-finger pinch) or automatic (during action touch).
  • Arrow signs for precise actions.
  • Level chooser with different orders and level preview.
  • Fast access to the last played levels.
  • 20 training levels (they must be solved to unlock the other levels°).
  • More than 2400 levels, each of them featured:
  • Game statistics (status, solution time, solution pushes, last play date, total play time).
  • Resume.
  • Capability to replay or modify your better solution.
  • Capability to share the solution found.
  • Unlimited undo and redo.
  • Orientation-Independent User Interface during gameplay.

What's new in Naboko

Version 1.4:
  • Added next/previous level buttons on the level presentation panel.
  • Added the number of completed levels for each group in the "Choose by..." panels.
Version 1.3:
  • It can now share the solutions found for levels, through a free online service.
  • Minor bug fix.

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