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LightUpManiak Lite1.1

14 September 2008

Binary-determination logic puzzle game.


Light Up is a binary-determination logic puzzle published by Nikoli (under the name of 'Akari'). The goal is to illuminate all the with cells of the gris by placing light on white cells. But a number indicates how many light bulbs are next to it, vertically and horizontally. Each light bulb illuminates from bulb to black square or outer frame in its row and column. Every white squares must be illuminated and every light bulbs should not illuminate each other. Play (locally) an unlimited number of puzzles (generated on the fly) on a little grid. Biggest grids are available in the full version, with more complex level of difficulties too.


  • Puzzles are generated on the fly, so you'll never play twice the same.
  • 1 level of difficulty (6 in the Full version)
  • Save / restore current game automatically
  • 10 best scores of each level saved locally

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