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12 September 2008

Lists all interesting locations and persons around you (leverages Wiki


Next lists all interesting locations and persons around (or next to) your actual position. The application takes its information from the english Wikipedia.

There are four important unique features:

  • The locations you retrieve are not just ranked by distance. They are also ordered by their general popularity, so that you can see all the highlights in your proximity with one single click.
  • You can also retrieve information about personalities, who are referenced to a listed location. Those persons are ranked by their general importance, but also by their particular relevance to the selected location.
  • Next offers a quick-info, telling you why a person is referenced to a specific location.
  • Beside tracking your actual position, you have the possibility to easily get information about other locations all around the world. Next covers more than 180.000 locations (cities, districts, villages, but also companies, buildings etc.) and more than 750.000 people.

Furthermore you can watch the wikisites in landscape and fullscreen mode, watch locations or the route to the locations within google-maps. A part of the money will go back to Wikipedia to support this platform.

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