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12 September 2008

Advanced function grapher.

What is iPlot for Mac

iPlot... An advanced function grapher for the iPhone and iPod Touch. iPlot plots mathematical functions, making this a must have for High School and College students, instructors, and professionals. It can solve for the Roots, Minimums/Maximums, and Integrals of points on a function. Supports common functions such as sine, cosine, tangent, log, natural log, arc-sine, arc-cosine, and arc-tangent, as well as many more complex functions. And, there is even an extended keyboard that provides shortcuts to entering the supported functions! Features:
  • Zoom
  • Pan
  • Quickly switch between active functions for fast evaluation and analysis
  • Set graph limits for both cartesian and polar coordinate planes
  • 3 Graph Themes - Normal, Black, and Monochromatic (the classic calculator look!)
  • Built-in Help Guide for those tough situations
Supported functions:
  • fn(x) : Previous function in the list.
  • abs(x) : Absolute value of x.
  • sqrt(x) : Square root of x.
  • cbrt(x) : Cubic root of x.
  • nrt(x,n) : Nth root of x. Same as x^(1/n).
  • ln(x) : Base e logarithm of x.
  • log(x) : Base 10 logarithm of x.
  • logn(x,k) : Base k logarithm of x.
  • exp(x) : Same as e^x.
  • sin(x) : Sine of x. (x in radians.)
  • cos(x) : Cosine of x. (x in radians.)
  • tan(x) : Tangent of x. (x in radians.)
  • asin(x) : Arc-sine of x. (in radians.)
  • acos(x) : Arc-cosine of x. (in radians.)
  • atan(x) : Arc-tangent of x. (in radians.)
  • sinh(x) : Hyperbolic sine.
  • cosh(x) : Hyperbolic cosine.
  • tanh(x) : Hyperbolic tangent.
  • asinh(x) : Inverse hyperbolic sine.
  • acosh(x) : Inverse hyperbolic cosine.
  • atanh(x) : Inverse hyperbolic tangent.
  • csc(x) : Cosecant of x.
  • sec(x) : Secant of x.
  • cot(x) : Cotangent of x.
  • atan2(x,y) : Arctangent of x/y. Returns the right angle depending on the signs of x and y.
  • ceil(x) : Rounds up to the next higher integer.
  • floor(x) : Rounds down to the next lower integer.
  • max(x,y) : If x > y, the result is x, else y.
  • min(x,y) : If x < y, the result is x, else y.
  • int(x) : Rounds x to the closest integer. Supported operators:
  • -x : unary minus
  • x+y x-y : addition and subtraction
  • x*y x/y : multiplication and division
  • x^y : exponentiation
  • x%y : modulo
  • x=y x!=y x < y x<=y x>y x>=y : comparison between x and y (result is either 0 or 1)
  • !x : unary logical not (result is 1 if int(x) is 0, else 0)
  • x&y : result is 1 if int(x) and int(y) differ from 0, else 0
  • x|y : result is 1 if int(x) or int(y) differ from 0, else 0 Available constants:
  • pi : 3,1415926...
  • e : 2,7182818...
The advanced function settings feature allows you to set custom colors for individual functions, and quickly toggle the visibility of a particular function. You can also enable or disable the derivate for supported functions!
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  • iPhone or iPod touch

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