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Smart Widget Installer free download for Mac

Smart Widget Installer for Mac1.1

30 September 2008

Update widgets without closing any copies you have open.

What is Smart Widget Installer for Mac

Smart Widget Installer... Tired of Dashboard closing your open widgets whenever you install a new version of widget? Smart Widget Installer is the answer.

Just drop any number of widgets on the app to install them. If the widget is not installed it will install normally. If it is already installed, you get the smart upgrade option, which will update the widget without closing any copies you already have open. This works with any widget, though it is particularly useful with Delivery Status. If you're tired of having to move your widgets back in place every time you update them, this app is for you.

Even better, you can set Smart Widget Installer as the default application to open widgets:

  • Select any widget in the Finder
  • Choose "Get Info" from the File menu
  • Go to the "Open with" section of the Get Info window and select Smart Widget Installer
  • Click the "Change All…" button
Unfortunately Safari ignores this setting if you have it set to automatically open downloaded files. If you get the standard installation screen but want to do a smart update, you can just click cancel and then double-click the widget in your downloads folder.

What's new in Smart Widget Installer

Version 1.1:
  • Completely rewritten in Cocoa instead of AppleScript for better performance and reliability
  • Improved compatibility with Tiger (10.4.10 or later)
  • The widget's icon is now displayed in the installation dialog box
  • In addition to dropping a widget on the application icon, you can now choose "Install…" from the File menu
  • After a smart upgrade, a brief "Installation complete" message is now displayed
  • Select All and Copy are now available, which should make it easier to report errors, if necessary!

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Sep 30 2008
Sep 30 2008
Version: 1.1
Simply the best means of installing revised versions of existing widgets. This developer also provides the Mac community with one of its best widgets: Delivery Status.