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11 June 2009

Backup software based on UNIX tools.


RecPointX is a backup software on file and folder tier, based on stable UNIX tools, which are delivered by standard with every Mac OS X. RecPoint X does not use any own backup scheduler. In order to start RecPoinX automatically in regular distances, you simply use iCal in order to plan your backups individually.

From version 1.00, more than one backup configuration can be maintained.

The configuration and operation of RecPointX is simple and finished with a few steps.

The program can be deactivated without problems for a longer period since with every backup an adjustment of the last backup to the current data is always performed. Changed files are recognized reliably in this case.

RecPointX uses the command line utility rsync, that is deployed with every Mac OS X.

So under Mac OS X 10.4 you have also the possibility to create simple and time-controlled backups of your data without using TimeMachine.

Also under Mac OS X 10.5 RecPointX can be an alternative, because you can work with user-defined, non operating system dependent backup intervals.

What's new in RecPointX

Version 1.0: First final release and major update.

New features:

  • Maintenance of various backup configurations
  • Now including a newer version of rsync. This improved the protocol output and the backup speed.
  • Modification date and time of files now preserved correctly.

    - 0.99b: Initial release of RecPointX - very stable beta.

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