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Backup Bouncer

28 July 2011

Command line tool to test your backup software.


Backup Bouncer... Hey there OS X user! Do you back up your files? Of course you do! Right? Right?? But do your backups work? Really? Are you sure? Have you checked?

Backup Bouncer is here to help keep the ugly backup tools out of the club. It's a command-line-based test suite that makes it easy to find out how bad (or good, if you're lucky) your backup software is. It aims to be a comprehensive test for preservation of all OS X file metadata. The initial release tests for preservation of:

  • Basic permissions, ownership, and timestamps
  • Symbolic links
  • Ownership of symbolic links
  • Hard links
  • Resource forks
  • Finder flags
  • Finder locks
  • Finder creation date
  • BSD flags
  • Extended attributes (on files, directories, and symbolic links)
  • Access Control Lists (on files, directories, and symbolic links)
  • FIFOs
  • Devices
  • Combinations of the above
Backup Bouncer can do many things to make testing easy for you. It can:
  • Create test volumes
  • Populate them with interesting files
  • Run a test suite of popular (and not-so-popular) command-line copiers, including cp, rsync, tar, ditto, pax, and xar
  • Verify the results of a copy, either from its own test suite or your favorite command-line or graphical tool
It also includes an autopilot script to make test volumes, populate them, run the test suite, and verify the results.

What's new in Backup Bouncer

Version 0.2.0:
  • Removed ctool to solve Snow Leopard build problems.
  • Fixed the order of operations in the combo-test.

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