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08 October 2019

Create invoices and estimates.


GrandTotal is an application to create invoices and estimates based on your own templates. The built-in template editor allows you to adjust your layout to fit your company's corporate design. GrandTotal works great in conjunction with TimeLog.

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Version 5.2.8:
  • Fixed: Known issues

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01 October 2008

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I rarely post reviews, but MacUpdate is always the place I come to, to read user reviews and to decide if I try and buy a product, or when to steer clear from products. So here's my contribution. Today I purchased the Timelog/Grandtotal bundle after trying both for a while. I come from Stuntsoftware's "On The Job" who is now officially promising this kind of application to come soon, for almost a year now (the anouncement went up in November 2007). He has been telling me even before that he was thinking in that direction when I mentioned my needs for a program like this. I consider myself a loyal customer, and thus waited for something to come. While nothing came, my timetracking and invoicing have become a mess, I invoiced with pages, later numbers, I tried bento, and tried every billing app out there. Stuntsoftware has many people on the edge of their seat, hoping something will "come soon" but nothing comes, not even a promised blog post. So, out goes my loyalty, and in comes media atelier. While I was not instantly overwhelmed by it's ease of use (I find especially Timelog a little hard to understand at times), I was very impressed by the responsivness of the developper. I contacted him with several questions and I also found a bug in a beta release. He answered promptly and the bug I found was resolved within minutes. It shows that the developper cares about his product. I did not hesitate and instantly bought a license, and I wouldn't have hesitated even if it was twice the price (59 euros for the bundle really is a bargain !) I'm still learning both programs, but the more I digg into them, the more I'm starting to really like them. I now regret I didn't make this decision earlier. I'll also post this review with TimeLog, since the two actually belong together.
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Version 1.0.1b4
11 December 2018
Very good app that the developer has steadily improved over the years. Running a design company, I love how adaptable the formatting of the invoices and estimates is. It doesn't force you into a particular style or method like most apps do.
One thing that would make this even better would be Xero integration - please!
Version 5.2.2
23 September 2018
Really could use an iOS companion - to keep track of your time at a job and then sync it back to the desktop app.
Version 5.2
Still my number one! The developer, made steadily improvements over the years and never neglected his users!
Version 4.4
04 January 2016
Very nice app. It would be even better if it would support multiple businesses.
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Version 4.1.4
15 October 2015
I bought the update the day it came out and I did not regret it.
The software feels stable, the workflow is easy to understand for me and it is not much hassle to make invoices look beautifully (this is extremely important for me as a Graphic Designer).
The only nuisance I found is that there seems to be no way to hide old (gone) clients, not needed templates, and so on, from the views. That is a little bit confusing and "surprising"..
Nevertheless - and ignoring the price tag - I personally think that the software deserves my 5 stars and my recommendation. It became an essential part of my workflow and as an European I am glad that this software makes it easy to obey to our many awkward financial law rules that make our lives not exactly easier.
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Version 4.0.2
03 January 2014
very odd: new feature dropbox sync of customer data without an option to encrypt data /handpalm grandtotal has only a switch to sync to dropbox. one cannot define an own path like in most apps with sync options. a request to the developer how to outsource the data to an (encrypted) volume stayed unanswered. also several of my friends using version 3 complain about more complicated handling. i guess i save the 39 bucks of an upgrade...
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Version 3.1
26 October 2013
I have been using this app for a little under a year. And while the app is descent its really nothing special and actually quite difficult to navigate and figure out at first. But in the end it does its job (kind of) and since i couldn't find a better app i decided to stick with this one. Now i see they have v4, i played around with for a bit and I'm having a very hard time understanding for what exactly do they want 39 EUR for??? Not upgrading, Im sticking with V2 and keep an eye out for a better app.
Version 3.0.6
With the new version my overall workflow has improved. The UI is slicker and more clear. Sure, there are some feature missing from the V2 but I hope the developer will add them back in the future.
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Version 3.0.3
23 July 2013
now i've played around a little with the new version. its really a joke to call this and upgrade. ease of use is diminished: no more right clicking to duplicate an invoice, no quick view of the gross or net amount in the "open", "due", "overdue" or "invoices"-view, the app doesn't remember the window settings: if you click on the arrow in front of the invoices view to see the years, close and restart the app you have to click the arrow again to see the years. if you have to renumber invoices because of a mistake - good luck. its not possible. still no multiple databases. developer please tell us: what exactly are the new features that make it a worthy upgrade? it can't be the interface changes, because they are not for the better.
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Version 3.0.1
18 July 2013
I actually got all sorts of issues of database corruption and other weirdness in past incarnations, but was able to still deal with my accounting.. and though I tried other options at some point as I had sworn I would never ever touch this again, I was in the end too lazy and afraid o changing and kept postponing the day I'd move to another system, considering all the back billing etc I have done on this. So when v.3 came around I gave it a try and so far so good, there are changes on an organisational level but I think it actually makes for a cleaner/leaner experience. So far no problems, paid for it.
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Version 3.0.1
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18 July 2013
Also it still supports TimeLog (which I prefer over Timings mainlybecause of its iCal synching).


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