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12 November 2008

View internal workings that a Cocoa app uses.


ClassDumper... Dissect your favorite Apps

For the extra-curious computer user and the Cocoa-savvy developer alike, ClassDumper offers an extremely convenient way to browse the internal workings of your favorite applications (and frameworks).

Just navigate to an app in Finder and click a button or press a key, and a "header" file opens instantly with all the internal structure of the app, for your own personal perusal! You can choose which application this header file is opened with, such as TextEdit, Xcode, BBEdit, TextMate, or anything you'd like.

ClassDumper is a graphical convenience for the command line utility class-dump, written by Steve Nygard.


  • ClassDumper lives in the Menu Bar for quick and easy access
  • Set global hot-keys for even quicker and easier access
  • Works with most Mac OS X applications and frameworks
  • Generated header files are placed in temporary folders
  • Simultaneously open or save the headers of multiple applications
  • Great for developers who seek to learn more about Mac OS X

What's new in ClassDumper

Version 2.0:
  • Updated user interface to integrate better with Leopard
  • Open at Login can now be conveniently set in the menu
  • No longer an uses Dock icon, but rather a menu icon
  • Global hot-key shortcuts for quicker exploration
  • Now includes quick access to customer support
  • Added support for checking for future updates

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