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29 July 2008

A WRF AWR regional atmospheric model.


DRAMM (Desktop Regional Atmospheric Model for Mac) is a ready to use distribution of the WRF AWR Regional Atmospheric Model.

What does DRAMM include?

  • Double Click and ready to use Domain Wizard 1.02 for model initialization
  • Precompiled WPS binaries (ungrib.exe, geogrid.exe, g1print.exe, etc. )
  • Precompiled WRF model (including real.exe and wrf.exe) configured for real one domain cases
  • All necessary libraries and dependencies (jasper, libpng, ncarg, netcdf, etc.)
  • Easy to use Applescripts and droplets for configuring domain and input variables and eventually running WRF.
Benefits of DRAMM:
  • Low cost, good precision WRF implementation.
  • Easy of use: just download and start modeling.
  • No need of knowing any computer language or high level compiler.

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