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27 July 2008

Make reference movies for iPhone or the Web in general.


QuickRef... Need a quick and easy way to make reference movies for the iPhone or just the Web in general. QuickRef allows you to take a plethora of URL's and make reference movies from them.

This is most useful when making sure your movie or audio files can't be downloaded by someone who is trying to get a copy for themselves to put on the P2P sites or Bittorrent. Other times you may want to put a movie at an easy to remember location on your Web server, while the video is located somewhere else.

Simply add the URL to the list, choose a file name and destination, when you have a full list of all the files you want to make reference movies, click "Process Batch" and your reference movies will be created with a .mov extension, you can also choose to have them processed with the .qtl extension.

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