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21 July 2008

Task management app.


ChocloTask is yet another task management app for the Mac. Simple and effective task management. Easy reminders. Check off those boxes.
  • Assemble a list of tasks and rearrange them to your heart's content.
    • Give each task a list of subtasks.
  • Color-code your tasks.
  • Set a reminder for each task.
    • Beep, play music, or even read the task name out loud!
  • Keep out the distractions
    • Set up an opaque background window to keep your mind focused on your list of tasks.
  • Automatically promote tasks for which a reminder has fired.
  • Automatically demote tasks which you have marked as completed.
  • Notify you of reminders via the Dock.
  • Update itself by Sparkle.

What's new in ChocloTask

Initial release

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