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Visifire is a set of open source charts - powered by Microsoft Silverlight. With Visifire you can create and embed visually stunning animated Silverlight Charts within minutes. Visifire is easy to use and independent of the server side technology.
What's New
Version 5.1.6:
  • DataPoints were displayed outside the PlotArea when AxisMaximum property of x-axis was set in Point Chart.
  • Log axis was not generating correct values when YValue was less than one and greater than zero.
  • DataPoint labels were clipped when Chart size was less in Pie/Doughnut Charts.

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ver. 5.x:
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Cowicide commented on 15 Mar 2013
To this day, the Microsoft Silverlight installer package that comes in the dmg download says NOTHING about what it installs on my system and where. No "read me" file, NOTHING. Just a generic package installer and my fingers crossed Microsoft doesn't install crap onto my system that causes instability and/or slowdown my CPU? I don't think so.

To this day, Silverlight stays OFF my computer. Trust Microsoft? Hahahaha... good one! Same idiots who bought out and borged Virtual PC back in the day and their first accomplishment was to screw op the code and have it cause a kernel panic to my entire system (which had literally NEVER happened before on that system, EVER).

Then after ruining Virtual PC for Mac, they discontinued it. Microsoft cost many small businesses a loss in competition for a product and lost time/revenue dealing with their ineptitude and greed.

And, THIS just scratches the surface. So, am I going to install Siverlight on my Mac when there's OPEN alternatives? HELL NO.
[Version 5.1.0]

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MacUpdate-Lon replied on 29 Jan 2014
Users of Netflix have to use Silverlight. I'm a Netflix user and only once did I have any issues with Silverlight. Netflix tech rep walked me through the fix which consisted of deleting the Silverlight installation and reinstalling. It was so easy I have forgotten the particulars. But Silverlight does not throw a bunch of junk on your Mac. It's MS, yes indeed, but it works pretty well. It does use the cpu heavily though. (MBP mid-2011, OS X 10.8.5)

Cowicide replied on 30 Jan 2014
I'm not putting that MS Silverlight trash on my computer for this one app, forget it. The film selection with Netflix is pathetic, so that's certainly not worth Silverlight either. The only reason Silverlight wasn't discontinued sooner is because Netflix used that garbage.

I wasn't alone in not using Silverlight. It's pretty much discontinued from MS with stalled development.

HTML5, etc. is the way to go, Netflix is ditching Silverlight too:

Pepelepugh commented on 18 Aug 2010
Goatse and tubgirl are indeed also visually stunning. Not really sure however I want that kind of experience thank you.
[Version 3.5.8 beta 2]


Sebuchen commented on 19 Feb 2010
Well LEE123, the problem is that Microsoft has started to support Mac's with software they wrote until people became dependent on the software, then out of the blue, because they felt like it, they would stop supporting the Mac and then people were left high and dry. Internet Explorer being just ONE example. Why should I want ANY Microsoft software on my machine if I can't trust them to continue their development? The answer is, you can't. Ergo, I will never allow a MS software product on my Mac again. I don't care if it's the best thing since sliced bread. They've proven that they really don't care about the Mac community so why should I support their software? Answer= I don't and won't.

Just my 2 cents worth.
[Version 3.0.3b4]

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Lee123 replied on 27 Aug 2010
I can not help myself to respond to this because I am totally with you on at least one point. So the lesson to be learned then is to not become dependent on one software or company. This is why I use the technology that works best at the time and looks like it will be around for 5 years or so, ten would be nice. This way you always have the best software and you do not have to go around hating any other software or company because you have moved on to something better.

Lee123 commented on 22 Jan 2010
I have no idea what people have against Silverlight. I installed it as part of the Netflix to watch movies off my macbook pro and it works friggin great. Way way way better than flash and everybody uses that piece of junk. Just my two cents dont really want to start a debate.
[Version 3.0.1b2]

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Dr.-Girlfriend replied on 12 Apr 2010
True; I agree. I liked better back when they used Silverlight instead of Flash to stream the games. Then again, almost anything runs better than Flash on a Mac.

Gobra replied on 18 May 2010
I agree. MS-phobia among Mac users is too strong, I can't say I'm a fan, but I can't imagine something that can work worse than Flash on my Mac...

swaters commented on 20 May 2009
"Visually Stunning? I don't think so.
[Version 2.2.1]

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Umaromc replied on 30 Oct 2009
Considering good-looking, cutting-edge yet conservative charts are difficult to design the example looks pretty good.

I still won't let Silverlight touch my hard drive on purpose, though.
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Arkham6 rated on 29 Jan 2014

[Version 5.1.5]

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Date:13 Apr 2014
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Visifire is a set of open source charts - powered by Microsoft Silverlight. With Visifire you can create and embed visually stunning animated Silverlight Charts within minutes. Visifire is easy to use and independent of the server side technology.

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