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EZ Business Manager

10 September 2008

Manage all aspects of your business.


EZ Business Manager... We live in a time where small innovative companies are abundant. These companies don't have the funds to pay for a full blown business manager. But now they can, because EZ Business Manager is 100% free! Just download it and get started managing your company. In EZ Business Manager you can handle departments, products, expenses, employees, customers and their relationships with each other. And it's all accessible with a slick interface. Have the information you want open, close the rest of the windows. Are you interested in how it works? Allow me to explain. When you launch EZ Business Manager you will be greeted with a simple window, that really explains itself. It has a toolbar with buttons to open various windows (product employee customer and finance windows). Each window has a close button that... well... closes the window. Each has a search field. Each has a table that displays various information. For instance, the department window displays the name, funds and monthly allowance of all listed departments. To edit information, simply double click on what you wish to edit and start typing. There is a button labeled remove, that will only be usable if you have something selected in the table view. Finally, there is an add button to add a new item to the table view. In the case of the department window it will add a new department. To show how the information interweaves, we will look at another window for a simple example. The product window is almost identical to the department window, except that it displays different information. Each product has a name, a category, a price and a department selector. This is a popup list that displays all of your departments. Select one and that product will be associated with that department. It's that simple! When you are done, simply select save out of the file menu. This will bring up the save sheet. Give your document a name and save it! When you wish to change/view it, launch the document from finder and it will open itself in EZ Business Manager automatically. If you don't want all of the features EZ Business Manager boasts, you can download Customer Manager. Customer Manager is just the same as the Customer window in EZ Business Manager. If you like EZ Business Manager or any of my other free applications, please consider making a donation. It's really easy! Just send the amount to sorzy@wideopenwest.com via paypal. I am dedicated to keeping all my applications free, but I do need money. So if you can afford it, please donate. Update: -Windows fade in and out when opened/closed. Neat little feature. -Updated donation and copyright forms. -Added donate now button and window. Mac only.

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Version 4.0: Bug fixes.

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