1.0.2 07 Feb 2009

Helps you learn Biblical Hebrew verb paradigms.


Developer website: Sam Freney

Paradigmatic aims to help you learn and re-learn Biblical verb paradigms, both Hebrew and Greek. Any student of Biblical languages should find this program useful. We will assume a certain level of knowledge of Greek and/or Hebrew - it won't teach you fundamental grammar - but it will help you drill in and learn what you already know. You can view whole paradigms, test your recognition skills, and view a whole range of grammar tables relating to Biblical Greek and Hebrew.

What's New

Version 1.0.2:

Now with Greek!


  • Extra Aorist/Perfect participle information for select -μι verbs, for you masochists out there.

Bug Fixes:

  • Greek Parser Fix: Correct entry now no longer displays user selection, rather it tells you the actual entry.
  • Greek Parser Fix: Multiple entry drawer now opens when a given word matches more than one entry.
  • Greek Parser Fix: If constraints are selected in the middle of parsing a word, system resets itself to a sensible state.

Known issues:

  • On Leopard Systems, drop-down sheets appear to function differently, and don't yet work properly in Paradigmatic. This means that the Editor functionality won't work properly if you've got OS X 10.5 installed. Sorry, I can't promise I'll have this fixed any time soon (unless someone wants to sponsor development by buying me a copy of Leopard, or even Snow Leopard... ).

Paradigmatic Version 1.0.1

Bug Fixes:

  • Nasty bug which didn't properly create an initial database for clean/new installs fixed. (Thanks Bek.)
  • Signed application for Sparkle updates - now you can be sure you're getting Paradigmatic from me, not some malicious source.

Paradigmatic Version 1.0.0


  • Greek:
    • Entire functionality of Hebrew Paradigmatic extended to cover Koine Greek. This is obviously a big change:
      • Data includes entire verb table for λυω, and the majority of info (principal parts) for a number of irregular verbs
      • Viewing, parsing, and editing works as for Hebrew.
      • Grammar Aids include Noun/Article/Pronoun tables, letter combination rules, and a verbal aspect summary (according to Constantine Campbell).
  • Hebrew:
    • Nomenclature can be altered in the Preferences window, allowing switching between Aspectual labels (Qatal, Yiqtol, etc.) or Temporal labels (Perfect, Imperfect, etc.).
    • Qal Wayyiqtol קטל corrected.
    • When selecting sets for parsing, answer drop-down menus are selected automatically to make answering quicker.
  • General:
    • Save disabled when paradigm/entry sheets disabled, to avoid data corruption
    • Only one window of each type (viewer, parser, etc.) can be opened, as the buttons are disabled when windows open, and are only enabled on closing.


Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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