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Software and firmware for Drobo Data Storage Robots.   Updater
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Drobo Dashboard is a software and firmware updater for Drobo Data Storage Robots.
What's New
Version 2.5.2:
  • This version of Drobo Dashboard is compatible with all Drobo models - Drobo Gen 2, Drobo FS, Drobo S, DroboPro, DroboPro FS, B800fs, DroboElite, B800i, B1200i, Drobo 5D, Drobo Mini and Drobo 5N.
  • Fixed iSCSI connectivity issues due to Java update on OS X 10.8.x hosts
  • Localization improvements
  • Fixed unexpected quit on OS X 10.8.x hosts
Intel, OS X 10.5 or later

MacUpdate - Drobo Dashboard

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Drobo Dashboard User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 2.x:
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Gskibum reviewed on 11 Dec 2012
I agree that these things are made of nothing but fail. I was wanting to buy a 5 drive RAID enclosure for an enterprise client of mine. And due to the monstrous bureaucracy I had to settle for this.

So I find that I can't chose the type of RAID to create. There is only one available RAID type, and I have no idea what it is. I was wanting something along the lines of JBOD or RAID-0 because this was intended to just be a backup destination. But I'm stuck with less capacity than what the drives would otherwise provide since I have no option other than to use whatever RAID it is this thing uses.

Then it comes time to create the volume. I have five 500 GB drives installed in the unit, wishing I could get close 2.5 TB (of course allowing for the lost capacity when formatted) .

Whatever RAID level it is using indicates that I have 1.8 TB of storage. Yet it wants me to create a 16TB volume. I don't want a volume that is in excess of or less than what the drives can provide natively. I do not want any silly pseudo capacity. I want only the real capacity that would be provided by the drives that are installed or the JBOD RAID I wish I could create.

The Dashboard is a silly GUI that is big on eye candy but low on features. It reminds me of Kai's Power Tools from long ago. It's just plain silly. But I guess is will be great for the crowd that's easily impressed with shiny objects.

I had low expectations with the thing before purchase. After months of use I can say that it even fell short of that.
[Version 2.2.1]

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Gskibum replied on 11 Dec 2012
I left one thing out. The silly pretty GUI wants me to create a volume that is 1-TB, 2-TB, 4-TB, 8-TB, or 16-TB. On a RAID that is 1.8 TB in size.

Utterly stupid.

Fine, provide silly pseudo volume space for those who want silly pseudo volume space. But don't go and impose it on the users.

Meiner2er replied on 17 Sep 2013
„I was wanting something along the lines of JBOD or RAID-0 because this was intended to just be a backup destination.“
RAID-0 for backup? Are you kidding? Why not use the trashcan instead? ;-)


Drtyrell969 reviewed on 06 Aug 2012
The Drobo systems for Macintosh are some of the worst network drive enclosures you can buy. The look great, but function horribly. I own a Drobo FS unit, slapped four 3TB drives, booted up great, but every single time we tried to back up to it, it would randomly dismount the drive and corrupt the TimeMachine backup.

After 1.5 years of fighting this thing, and having their technical support blame our network wiring, REALLY? We finally pulled the drives out of the enclosure, and installed them inside the Mac Pros and let TimeMachine function from there, OR, get this for the network speed horse crap, installed one drive in an old G5 stuck in the network room right next to the dysfunctional Drobo FS unit, and had our brand new iMacs TimeMachine to it perfectly! So much for the bag of lies and excuses from Drobo.

If you're in the market for a network drive unit AVOID Drobo system. All JUNK!

Oh, and Drobo, if you want this review removed, give me my $700 back.
[Version 2.2.1]

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Macd replied on 16 Sep 2012
Totally agree! AVOID!
I owned Drobo 2Gen, and had nothing but problems with the hardware and the software. Over the period I was able to endure the product (2-3 months), it managed to mark 3 totally good HDs as bad ones, it corrupted my TimeMachine backups twice, the Drobo Dashboard rarely saw the device in the first place. The support was slow and unhelpful.

The device itself is extremely slow (I believe creating a 1TB TimeMachine backup from scratch was taking somewhere between 24-36hrs - on FW800 connection!)

Now I have it under my table gathering dust. Going to sell it to some poor chap for cheap (sorry man..). A friend asked me if he can have it instead - and the answer was, no, never, as long as we're friends.
AVOID! And I hope the company goes belly up soon, so that new users who love the looks and concept (I know I did!) won't get deceived anymore, ever again.
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Richshelton rated on 13 Sep 2012

[Version 2.2.1]

Narus rated on 25 Aug 2012

[Version 2.2.1]


Macmaxpr rated on 06 Aug 2012

[Version 2.2.1]

Gregmm rated on 24 Jan 2011

[Version 1.7.3]

Version Downloads:12,010
Type:Drivers : Storage
Date:16 Sep 2013
Platform:Intel 32 / OS X
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Drobo Dashboard is a software and firmware updater for Drobo Data Storage Robots.

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