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27 March 2019

User-friendly Subversion client.


Versions is a Subversion client for the Mac.

A helpful tool: Versions provides a pleasant way to work with Subversion on your Mac. Whether you're a hardcore Subversion user or new to version control systems, Versions will help streamline your workflow. Say hello to the fresh new look of your repository and start saying less to that command-line interface. Make sure to download the free demo to take it for a spin.

Who it's for: Whether you're a designer, developer, editor or project manager, chances are you already have plenty on your mind. Versions saves you the hassle and makes working with Subversion easy for your entire team. Thanks to Versions' clear-cut approach to Subversion, novices and power users alike will enjoy using it. And if you haven't moved to Subversion yet, now is the time.

What's new in Versions

Version 1.4.1:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.12 or later running on a 64-bit Intel processor

  • Addressed issue with SASL authentication

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19 November 2008

Most helpful

I agree with the comments. The $50 price point is too steep for an application that merely provides some convenience over the command-line. Most people i know run subversion together with a trac installation anyway, so most other useful features like the well arranged timeline are present already. I hope the authors will change their mind about the price. For me, $15-$20 is a more appropriate price point for this. Other than that, this is clearly a nice application with a lot of polish for a 1.0x version!
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Version 1.0.2
29 July 2016
This app has seen quite a fall from grace due to total neglect from the developers. In it's hay day this was probably THE svn app to own after it was given an award at WWDC but since it was acquired by Black Pixel it's been on constant life support to just about keep it going. Sad really.
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Version 1.3.3
18 June 2013
Versions 1.2.2 does not work with HTTPS SVN 1.7.8 repositories (SSL handshake failed: SSL error code) Versions works with SVN 1.6.x repositories, or with SVN 1.7 repositories not using SSL. I've reported this bug 8 february 2013, the support team answered immediately, but the but is still there...
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Version 1.2.2
02 August 2011
Excellent user interface and capabilities. Updated for Lion. Makes working with SVN a breeze.
Version 1.1.8
13 January 2011
A good, simple to use subversion client.
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Version 1.1.3
07 January 2011
A worthy program.
Version 1.1.3
02 December 2010
just updated to 1.1.1 ok Cornerstone could be better (anyway it WASN'T better before its 2.0).. but Versions is really nice and works well. the new UI is even better than 1.0 (and lately UI redesigns make things worse) si.. let's stay with Versions until we all will move into Git :)
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Version 1.1.1
24 August 2010
The best way I can describe this app (of which I own and use) is "it's really sorta OKAY." The navigation around the app is very Windows feeling. Importing content into an SVN repository and then reconnecting to it is a PAIN IN THE @$$. Considering how absolutely easy the paradigm of SVN is to understand, I'm always frustrated when engineers work extra hard to make it confusing. The terminology and UI could use a major upgrade. Things like "Setting up SVN..." that would prompt one to select a folder to upload...not a folder then another folder, then some description text and all so interdependent and crossed over for duplicate nomenclature that you're not sure who's on first. The other frustrating part of the UI is during deleting or adding new files. It routinely gets so confused you can't reconcile the problem and have to start over. Every "Versions" SVN repository on my drive has orphaned files and at lease ONE "can't delete" error message. ARG. So getting there, but you might wait to lay down cash.
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Version 1.0.9
10 June 2010
Versions is a wonderfully easy to use svn client. As a standalone client (as opposed to plugin or extension), it is the best one available for the Mac as far as I can tell. It is mostly very stable. It does crash periodically while doing nothing, if it is running behind certain proxy servers. Since this happens when idle, and not during an activity, the crashes can be mostly ignored. The Versions support team responds consistently and quickly to emails. The problem is that they admit to having a very slow pace at introducing functionality into the product, but have never shown any sign of changing. About a year ago, one could sense a tone of regret, but that has long since disappeared. The pace is really snails-pace. It does not have feature parity with other (free) svn clients, such as Tortoise. Since it is has no serious competition as a Mac client, the team can get away with its high price and slow development pace. I do not believe this reflects well on the Mac platform and its developer community. A typical example of my correspondence: for over a year, I have been asking for a way to easily copy the path of a remote resource to the clipboard. Every other svn client I have ever used has this simple feature, typically made available in the earliest versions of the software. The Versions support team has always promised to consider the feature. Initially they defended themselves by pointing out that the product is young. Eventually they gave up. Their message was that they had no intention of introducing it, and wished me luck in my use of an alternate product. They have no intention of reaching feature parity with the most rudimentary of graphical svn clients.
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Version 1.0.9
30 April 2010
I started working with Versions in the Spring of 2009. Slick website, Apple design award, product has a nice looking, clean interface. I thought this was going to be the answer to my desire for a nice, graphical, SVN client. The product does work as advertised, and is generally stable, however, development speed is glacial. Just take a look at their Google Groups support page for complaints. I eventually got so fed-up waiting for little fixes and updates that I switched to Cornerstone and have not looked back. Better workflow, stability, and feature set.
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Version 1.0.9
24 November 2009
I love Versions. Just purchased it. Apple doesn't just select any old product for its Design Award. This product is polished. I have also had very quick contact with support. I'm so glad I no longer have to use the command line svn, that was getting old. People, check your spam filter if support doesn't reply. It is likely they did reply and the message is there.
Version 1.0.6