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Funnel Web Pro Updater3.7.2

21 March 2000

Adds a number of bug fixes and improvements.


Funnel Web Pro 3.7.2 Updater fixes a problem with virtual domain names where it wouldn't process the first domain name. Version 3.7.1 adds the following:
  • Allow registration of demo app into full application from help menu
  • Allow activation of application menu while settings window is open
  • Changed settings from Modal to Modeless
  • Fixed output location if Reports folder is not present
  • Fixed bug in WebTen logs which produced random garbage in the log files
  • Downloads are no longer counted as Pages any more and the page counts are 100% pages
  • When a username of anonymous apears in a log file , it is now ignored and its ip/address is used instead so that you really do get to the the clients, and not lump them up into one.
  • Domain report shows more levels for non usa domains
  • Minor graph fixes for Bytes Recieved in daily/hourly graphs
  • Session scatter lable fixed
  • Fixed crash when using ascii graphs in with meanpath
  • Fixed handling of Accept CGI in reference to page type detection
  • Page/referal history data fixed for last day position
  • Added Voila, Google, DirectHit, LookSmart & Northern Light to search engines list
  • Output reports now map to correct file types and browser as defined in Internet Config
  • Updated InternetConfig to 2.0 API
  • Fixed crash in list manager on pre 8.0 systems
  • Now allow wildcard mapping in Directory mapping
  • Changed requirement of a preceding slash "/" when mapping virtual domains by directory
  • Added support for Welcome plugin, for new reporting
  • Fixed directory writing when the domain was exactly 31 characters long
  • Improved accuracy of Average requests per hour
  • Fixed virtual domain reporting error on WebStar logs using "Hostfield" which dump garbage
  • Cleaned up virtual domain reporting to ensure all errors are dumped in the [invalid] domain
  • Fixed problem caused by BorderManager making bogus requests to several Web servers
  • Optimized for the G4 Altivec processor

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