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Distillation Designer1.1.1

16 March 2011

Simple binary distillation modeling tool.


Distillation Designer is a simple binary distillation modeling tool using the McCabe-Thiele method.

McCabe-Thiele method for designing binary distillation systems.

It supports:

  • Boiling Point Graph showing Vapour-Liquid Compositions.
  • q-Line calculation from component thermodynamic properties.
  • Manually defining the minimum reflux ratio.
  • Loading of Data files.
  • Plot of Reflux versus stages to help determine the optimal value.
  • Drag and Drop graphs direct to desktop.
  • Configurable printing of the 3 Graphs
  • Much better checking of input data before the McCabe-Thiele graph can be plotted.

What's new in Distillation Designer

Version 1.1.1:
  • New data file format to allow extra data to be inputted.
  • Ability to generate VLE data from constant relative volatility.
  • Available on the Mac App Store.
  • Ability to enter weight/weight distillate compositions.
  • Ethanol/Water composition entered as a getting 'started' composition.
  • Handles more (optional) component data.
  • Exporting of all entered data into simple text based data files.
  • Trackpad support for zooming.
  • Data file repository to allow users to share their inputted binary compositions.

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