0.95 30 Jun 2009

Synchronize playback of QuickTime movies on multiple computers.


Developer website: Zach Poff

MultiScreener is a set of freeware applications that synchronize the playback of QuickTime movies on multiple computers, using a local network to tie them all together.

It is intended for multi-channel video art, video walls, etc. I designed it as an artist-friendly low-budget alternative to the expensive combo of industrial DVD players (Pioneer DVD-V7400, DVD-V5000) and Dave Jones Design sync boxes. Those systems are fantastic, but if you have a few computers and a network hub, MultiScreener is worth a try.

There are two applications: Server and Client. The server plays a movie and sends position information over the network. Each client "listens" to the server and subtly adapts its movie playback speed to stay in sync. There is no limit to the number of clients (but you need a computer for each one).

Looping and de-interlacing are available, and all settings are automatically saved for unattended startup. MultiScreener can output to the computer screen or external video devices (like DV cameras or decks). There is no native resolution or frame-rate, so all QuickTime video formats are supported equally. In my tests, DV NTSC movies synced perfectly on Dual 867 G4 towers through the latest Intel machines, but HD formats will probably demand more horsepower. (HD is untested as of May 2008.)

What's New

Version 0.95:
  • Changed to GPL 3.0 license
  • Recompiled with MAX5
  • Tested HD playback
  • Fixed: Fixed error in client timing comparison (improved sync accuracy)
  • Fixed: Fixed occasional loss or overwrite of xml preferences file
  • Fixed: client sync meter was sometimes inaccurate
  • Fixed: Simplified and optimized speed-control math
  • Fixed: Simplified window-position save/recall at startup
  • Fixed: Counters sometimes displayed wrong times
  • Fixed: Now uses more conservative timing when entering/exiting fullscreen
  • Fixed: Changed size of filename display to accommodate long filenames
  • Fixed: changed "Way Off!" indicator into "Finding Frame" indicator
  • Added: "Mute Sound" button added
  • Added: "Hide Mouse in Full-Screen" button added
  • Added: Client now indicates playback speed
  • Added: Client now has user-settable frame offset


Mac OS X 10.4 or later


Current Version (0.x)


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30 Jun 2009
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