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17 May 2008

Sets of video effects for iChat and Photo Booth.


CatEye... Five sets of eight video effects for Leopard's iChat and Photo Booth. The cast, in order of appearance:
  • RetroPixels: retro art effects from the sixties and seventies.
  • LoveFor80s: retro video effects from the eighties.
  • BentPels: image warping effects from the nineties.
  • FewTile: image tiling effects.
  • BoobToob: analog TV effects.
Each bundle of eight can be installed separately, and they are conveniently grouped together when presented in Photo Booth.

Is your iChat partner getting on your nerves? Talking too much? OMG! Change yourself into a Pong video game and drop the hint that a real conversation, like Pong, is best enjoyed with equal airtime.

Do you long for the days when VHS playback meant a smeared picture? Reminisce no more, VHS is back -- in full force! We've even included a green hue for that old TV set in the garage that dad plans to repair some day.

Parental unit TXT-ing moratorium ? LOL. Remind them of those halcyon days when they were freedom chillin at Haight-Ashbury. How? With a quick flower-child snapshot or a polaroid.

So much fun it comes with a warning on the label: "May cause compulsion to grow seventies sideburns."

What's new in CatEye

Version 1.002:
  • Compatibility fixes for other QC Filter applications.
Version 1.001:
  • Added two new sets of effects, "Analog TV" and "Tiling".
  • Fixed bugs with alpha channel rendering under Photo Booth.

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